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Hi - I'm Ariel, former MBA student of Professor Eriksen, or as I now call him, Matthew. Although Matthew and I have very different stories, we both share a common purpose - to facilitate other’s self-development so they can realize their potential to have a positive impact on the world and others.

As other former students of Matthew, I have benefited from his education which taught me new ways of being, ways to orient myself to the world, and an appreciation for self-exploration. Matthew’s course altered my trajectory in that it provided me the awareness and tools to live with purpose. I had found my voice, but my most recent experience at a startup gave me the courage to want to share it with the world. I now want to spend my days working towards manifesting my unique purpose vs. giving my life over to someone else's dream.
Through our programs we hope to facilitate experiences for our participants that will be transformative, enlightening, and ultimately fulfilling.


Do any of these sound like you?

  • Your friends, family and coworkers would call you successful, but you don't feel satisfied with your life.

  • You feel tied to other people's expectations of who you should be.

  • You feel disoriented and anxious in your life, career or relationship.

  • You are an achiever that gets stuff done, but you wonder if you're even making a difference. 

What will you get out of these experiences?

  • Confidence to live your life authentically and make decisions that are aligned with your purpose.

  • Clarity about your values and passions, so you can decide what serves you and what doesn't on your path towards fulfilling your purpose. 

  • Awareness about yourself so you can tap into your inner voice as an infinite resource. 

  • Discovery that there are more possibilities in life than you imagined and all you have to do is act. 

  • Actionable practices, habits, and ways of being to start living on purpose.

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Join us. Find your purpose. Rewrite your story. Change your life. 


What's new?

Follow along for stories of transformation and inspiration. Learn from our community as they navigate their own unique purpose driven lives.

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Tommy Kinney

My purpose is to actively listen to others to help improve the experience of those around me and enhance the impact I have on my immediate environment.

Sandy Martins

My life purpose is to connect with others and develop as authentic human beings so that, we can lead with integrity, learn with an open mind and live life unapologetically.

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