Life Coaching with Ariel
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1:1 Coaching 

Coaching is an intimate relationship. Before making the commitment to work together, we will need to get to know one another.


Schedule a FREE 15 minute complimentary call where I'll tell you a bit about the coaching I provide and take time to answer any questions about the way we'll work together - my rates and packages, how often we'll meet, my method etc.

I want to get to know your story so prior to our meeting I will send you some questions that will get you to reflect on your life and experience yourself the value of coaching.

Coaching Programs

Self-Discovery Journey

I believe that the starting point for living a fulfilled life is in the exploration of the relationship you have with yourself. I do this through..

  • Self-reflective exercises that increase your self-awareness

  • Cultivation of your response-ability so you can make choices aligned with your values and vision

  • Guided exploration of your beliefs and passions

Creating Your Story

A lucky few know their purpose from a young age. But for most of us, it is discovered as we journey through life. Even then, many of us lack the courage to pursue our purpose because we are told it is an impractical daydream or we fear failure or losing our present identity, power, or security. Rather than waiting to stumble upon your purpose, I provide a structured process that guides you to identify your purpose and write your story. 

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My core beliefs as a coach...

  • You are fully whole, capable, and worthy

  • You have all of the answers are within yourself

  • You have a choice and ability to transform your life through exploring new beliefs, practices, and frameworks

  • You are not alone in your struggles, this is a shared human experience 



"Our connection with others can only be as deep as our connection with ourselves.”

  - Brene Brown

What you will get out of coaching...

  • Confidence to live your life authentically and make decisions that are aligned with your purpose.

  • Clarity about your values and passions, so you can decide what serves you and what doesn't on your path towards fulfilling your purpose. 

  • Awareness about yourself so you can tap into your inner voice as an infinite resource. 

  • Discovery that there are more possibilities in life than you imagined and all you have to do is act. 

  • Actionable practices, habits, and ways of being to start living on purpose.

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What's new?

Follow along for stories of people becoming their best imagined selves. Tips & Tricks for facilitating self-awareness, growth & finding fulfillment!

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Tiantian Z.

 "Coaching gave me a structured space and way to tackle a wide set of uncertainties I had identified in my career and personal life. Ariel worked with me to explore my values and motivations in order to help me develop a sense of conviction in my goals by deepening my understanding of what is innately important to me. Our conversations enabled me to have immense clarity about the “why”, “what”, and “how” of my near-term goals in a way that was curious and compassionate, and I’m very grateful for Ariel’s patience, flexibility, and appropriately / constructively challenging nudges as we worked through the steps to get there. 


I had been feeling blocked in translating what is important to me into action; coaching enabled me to diminish what I had perceived to be roadblocks and identify & activate what drives me to move with compassion."  


Claire K.

"Ariel made me feel so comfortable to be myself, tears and all. Ariel somehow manages to help me get to a productive outcome every time we meet no matter how scattered my thoughts are that day. She so patiently lets me get all my feelings out while keeping me on track. I feel very seen by Ariel. As a coach myself, I am so grateful for her coaching and plan on continuing working with her because she manages to be a perfect balance of professional and friendly." 

What clients are saying...

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