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Our Programs

So, how do we do this?


You will learn that you have choice to influence and a responsibility for your impact. We will ask you to focus your attention inward to become more aware of your lived experience its impact on your life, others, and the world. We will ask you questions that encourage you to tap into your conscious and unconscious truths to get to know yourself. What do you yearn for? What do you care about? What types of people do I want to surround myself with?


We share new perspectives and distinctions. These perspectives and distinctions may seem obvious to some or jarring to others as they challenge your current understanding of yourself and the world.  They will provide opportunities to imagine new possibilities for you, your life and your impacts.


We will create a dialogue within our community that promotes self-awareness, learning and exploration. This community will be an intentional space where participants commit to being a part of one another's story in a non-judgmental, appreciative way - sounds nice, right?


Our programs are built to create experiences that encourage experimentation with new ways of being in the world and relating to one another.