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For the Love of Structure

Developing structure that serves a purpose and aligns with what you care about

I was raised in a very structured home and all throughout my life I've sought out structure. I love order, schedules, plans, instructions - this is my happy place!


Over the years, this structure has proven helpful professionally but dangerous personally. As I've become more conscious of my choices I've been able to stop and ask myself WHY. Why am I doing something?

Pro tip - this practice of self-reflection and deeper questioning has helped me to tap into my inner voice.

Asking myself things like: Am I not going to the gym because I feel like work takes priority? Or, am I going to the gym for myself and my health or to maintain a certain image?


Structure for structures sake isn't useful. I needed to first understand what was important to me, what I cared about, so I could create structure and commitments around those things. Questions like these got me to start thinking about I cared about.


One year ago I was transitioning out of one of the most stressful and deflating professional experiences I've had in my career. My mental and physical health was suffering and I started running to relieve this stress and to get back in shape. I have been able to sustain this practice not because my mental and physical health have become a priority and I now structure this intentionally into my work day. Right smack dab in the middle of the day I go for a run, the release and mental break has proven to be life changing.


I still don't consider myself a runner. I consider myself to be committed to my mental health and structuring that into the way I live my daily life.


What's do you care about and how are you committing to it? 

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