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Our Workshops

​We offer a safe space for you to focus your attention inward, to reflect, and become more aware of your lived experience and its impact on your life, others, and the world. We hope to challenge your current understanding of yourself to allow you to imagine new possibilities!

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This is our cornerstone program that will help you to create your story.

Your story will allow you to articulate your life's purpose so you can live a fulfilled life. 


This 10 week virtual program will help you to: 

Understand our human condition 
Short weekly podcasts will provide distinctions and we will share our personal experiences to help you think differently about yourself, your relationships, and your life 

Increase your self-understanding
Through self-reflection exercises, we will guide your attention inward and onto your relationships and past experiences to increase your self-understanding 

Develop your response-ability
Understand your inhibitors and facilitators to realizing your impact, then develop your ability to choose your response to life’s emerging challenges and opportunities. Become responsible for yourself, rather than being a victim of your circumstances 

Identify the impact you wish to have through creating Your Story
Develop a purpose-driven narrative, which will provide a vision through which you can realize a purpose driven life

Build a supportive liked-minded community
This all takes place within a supportive, like-minded community of individuals from whom you will learn and gain support on your journey


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Changing Your Everyday Relationship with Anxiety



We find ourselves in this "age of anxiety" and contrary to popular belief, anxiety itself is not a problem, anxiety serves a purpose in our lives. The problem for many of us, is the relationship we have with anxiety. For many of us, our anxiety seems to be endlessly provoked by our day-to-day experience. Whether it be social media, technology, expectations of others, economic uncertainty, or the pandemic - we let these experiences consume us. We find our anxiety consuming our attention and negatively impacting our experience, relationships, and health. The good news is we have the ability to change our relationship with anxiety to reduce its negative impacts in our lives. 


Join us


April 28th, 2021 from 12:00-1:00pm EST


This workshop will help you to:

  • Understand the nature of anxiety and its purpose 

  • Get clarity on the difference between fear and anxiety 

  • Learn to recognize the major internal and external sources of anxiety in their lives

  • Reflect on the detrimental impact of their current relationship with anxiety

  • Learn a process to change their relationship with anxiety 

  • Engage in a experiential exercise that employs this process